Deposit at hotel/ why do I have to pay for it while checking in at the hotel? [farparents tip]

If you travel many times you are already similar to whenever you check in at any hotel,

the receptionist will deposit the money from your credit card.

It accounts normally ca. 10000 – 20000 Bath here in Samui. They are many guests who are confused about this matter

“ what for do I just pay even though I haven’t bought anything new from the Hotel?”


  • Just blocking/not settle


Let me clarify, that this amount of deposit is not the charge from your bank account but just block the money in your account for 10000 – 20000.

To make sure that the guests will have money to pay all their bills that they are going to many services in the hotel when they check out the hotel.

Like Massage, Bar, and Transfer. That means if you haven’t bought any service in the hotel during your stay at the hotel, you will get all your deposit money back.


  • when will you get your money back


Actually, when the hotel makes the deposit from your bank account, this money still is in your account.

But you just cannot use it until the hotel unlocks it again (it happens when you check out).

Normally it should last about 2 weeks after check out to unlock this amount of money.


  • You can pay your bills in the hotel with cash instead


In Thailand, we use the Thai Bath currency, but the deposit will block your money in your domestic currency.

For example, you come from the EU using the currency Euro (€). And the hotel makes the deposit for 20000 Bath. 

But your money in your Conto will be blocked within Euro.

The question is how much Euro will your money in Euro be blocked?


Let’s take an example


You are now sitting at the reception arranging the hotel check-in

The receptionist asks you: Sir we do need to make a deposit payment

And you say hey wait why do I have to pay now?

The receptionist then explain you like above I described

You say: ok ok with not 100% understanding

You give your credit card to her

She says thank you sir here your card back

Now your account was blocked for a particular amount of 20,000 Bath

The question is will you receive your 20,000 back?

The answer is yes IF you pay every with cash during your stay.  If not, the bills will charge to your 20,000 deposit directly.


Now how much does 20,000 Bath account for Euro


I would say about 750€. And you say wait….

20000 Bath converting to 750€

(as your hotel rate is slightly lower than the normal rate to compensate the service makes you being convenient)

When you make a check out from the hotel, they will charge all bills from your deposit money directly

and your account will be charged in euros.

Please don’t blame your hotel to disturb you at the check-in, that is very normal. It happens in almost every hotel, even in your homeland.

As mentioned, all bills in the hotel will charge to you in Thai Bath. You just pay all of it also in Thai Bath.

And receive your full amount of deposit back in a few weeks. 


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