If you plan to stay over koh tao and koh Phangan. Make sure the return flight at Samui is timely correct booked? [farparents tip]

Make sure you did not book too too-early flight at Samui

I know that you might be unaware of this matter because you are unfamiliar with these transfers between Koh Phangan (your hotel) and Koh Samui (your airport).

What boot schedule do they operate on days?

Let’s pick the common boot transfer that people use across the islands „The high-speed ferry“.

Recently, the very first ferry departed Koh Phangan at 08:00. The ferry usually takes ca. 30 min to reach Koh Samui.

Hence, this ferry will arrive at Koh Samui at 08.30.

And! The first airplane normally departs Samui airport at 07:00

What does it mean? This means that It can happen that you will miss the flight back home!


Let’s take an Scenario:


Mr. Bee is staying in a beautiful hotel in Koh Phangan till 23.08.23 and has booked the return flight at Samui Airport with PG552 which departs at 07:00.

As mentioned, the very first ferry will be operated at 08:00 and reach Koh Samui at 08.30. Impossible to get the airplane.

Now comes the important question, what to do now!


  • He has to book a private boot which can pick him up any time you want. But it will cost more money. To know how much please check on the Internet, there are a lot of providers. But he has to pick the right one to prevent getting rid of money and avoid Rough service on site. It is the most difficult point to handle by himself. I would suggest to have his travel agency to arrange it. They know best who to pick. Or if something goes wrong he will have someone to complain.

  • The second solution is also not too easy but is a cheaper choice than the previous one. He should relocate from the hotel in Koh Phangan to a hotel in Koh Samui on the last day of his stay, also on 22.08.23. But there is a condition to do this. He has to arrange or clarify the relocation early enough in advance with both hotels.

  • First: Check with the hotel he is staying in Koh Phangan if they would charge you for that last night, If yes you have to pay no choice.

  • Second: Find a hotel in Koh Samui to stay on 22.08.23. It will be hard to find some in the high season because most hotels will have all the rooms booked. Or there will even be a room available but its price will be expensive.

  • Third: Book boot transfer to cross the island.

  • The third solution: he stays there in Koh Phang till 23.08.23 and buys a new flight ticket. If the all seats are fully booked, he has to extend his stay in Koh Phangan.


If he booked his holiday with a travel agency, he can relax because the agency will do all of these for him.

If he booked his holiday by himself then, I wish him a good adventure.

Even if you have booked all plans via travel agencies, this can still happen.

So to avoid headaches on the spot. Make it clear everything will run smoothly before the holiday begins.

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