You have booked a hotel in Samui for the whole holiday with the agency, what if you want to visit Bangkok for a few days? [farparents tip]

Have booked a hotel in Samui for the whole holiday with the agency, what if I want to visit Bangkok for a few days?

If you booked the vacation with a travel agency.

After you arrive in Samui, stay for a few days and then would like to make a short trip to Bangkok.

The question is, can the agency still amend the booking for you? The answer is, that it is possible to do that BUT.

Firstly, your agency tried to amend the period of stay at the hotel in Samui.

If your hotel in Samui charges fully for the all period, you have to pay for both hotels in Samui and in Bangkok.


You have booked an expensive hotel in Samui from 14.09.23-29.09.23 and you realize there will be a big interesting event in Bangkok

and want to visit Bangkok for 4 days from 16.09.23 – 21.09.23.

After clarifying with the hotel in Samui, they will not charge for the days from 16.09 to 21.09.23.

If the change is very near to the start of vacation, it will depend on how good a relationship your agency has with the hotel.

If you want to change the plan after you already arrived in Samui

the hotel in Samui will charge the full period as originally booked. Normally end up this way.

If you are able to pay for both hotels, let go!

Now let’s discuss in case the hotel refunds you the period that you go to Bangkok 16.09.23 – 21.09.23.

Firstly, the agency has to check if the hotel in Bangkok you want to stay in if it is on the contact list of the agency.

If yes rebooking is then possible if not, and you still persist to stay there, your agency will give the refund from 16.09.23 – 21.09.23. for the booked hotel in Samui.

Then let you book the hotel in Bangkok you want by yourself. Then try to round-trip your flight from Samui to Bangkok.

If the hotel charges fully before the vacation already begins but you don’t care and can pay it.

But the real problem is not just the hotel cost but buying the flight from Samui to Bangkok and the return flight in briefly.

For the immediately book for fight Samui/Bangkok it cost normally from 4500 – 5500 Bath/ person/ one trip. Then times 2 for the return.

If things are too late, you will pay for 2 hotels for the same time and an expensive round trip flight.  

So let’s plan it clearly before you book a vacation where you want to stay

so that your local rep/agency will have time for their life instead of being busy managing your complicated rebook on-site.

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