How to handle when your luggage comes later while arriving late here. [farparents tip]

One thing that disturbs your holiday on the first day you arrive at the destination is:

1. #you miss your transfer at the airport and

2. Your luggage doesn‘t arrive on the same flight with you but later.

I very often got phone calls about these issues from travelers with high expectations that I would help the customer get their luggage as soon as possible.

I do understand how hard time clients have with sea vacations without bikinis in their luggage

But what can your agency do here is just to inform the guests where their luggage is right now. By checking with the airport and airline.

And when it should be approximately delivered. But an agency cannot accelerate the coming luggage.


This is the pure duty of the airline and airport alone

The travel agency or your local travel contact person (representative) can check the airport/airline only when he or she has the missing luggage identified number.

And the representative will get it from clients.

Now the question is: Where and when do the clients get this identified number?

When travelers do not get their luggage on the same flight.  They will go to the information center and this information center will lead them to the lost and found department.

This department will check where their luggage really is. If it comes later, the department will give a slip to the clients, and on the slip, it states the luggage missing an identity number.

So, do not blame your travel agency but the airline when you face this problem.

When it comes to the late arrival of your luggage over 24 hours. You as clients still have a chance to get some compensation for what you have to buy during time without your luggage.

The airline does understand well that the clients need their kinds of stuff. In this case, the airline is supposed to pay some compensation as money to clients and they normally do.

Until now the clients might think that it is a great opportunity to buy many new stuff more than they really need and get a claim from the airline.

Avoid doing this because clients will not get the full amount of what they pay.

The airline does set a flat amount of compensation for this case.


Mrs. Nicky did not get his luggage on her first 2 days of stay and bought many pieces of stuff over needed.

The airline will give her only certain Bath no matter how much the stuff costs. This policy is covered by lows. Hmm.

To claim with the airline you need the evidence. So that the airline can trust you that you bought things during this period.

So, keep all the bills you bought things. Many customers will contact a rep./agency informing them that their late luggage still has not arrived and want to claim and want to have the Rep. do it for them.

The fact is, your Rep./agency is not able to arrange this proceed for the clients because it is a secret issue between clients and the airline as:

  • What stuff are in the luggage
  • How much will the airline pay as compensation
  • And sometimes personal data of clients

Therefore, in case of compensation, the clients have to contact the airline by themselves. Rep. can only tell clients where the luggage is.


How do the clients reach the airline?

Answer: Rep. will give the contact of the air to clients.

Where is the luggage commonly stuck?

Normally the missing luggage gets stuck in the capital airport of the destination country, which is operated by the domestic airline.

For example, if you fry from the UK to Koh Samui and you have a transit in Bangkok.

In case your flight from the UK arrives late in Bangkok and the connecting flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui will take off soon.

The connecting flight to Koh Samui will collect only passengers to the connecting airplane because they don’t no time to collect luggage.

This means this flight will fly without luggage. The luggage will follow to Koh Samui with the other later flight.

In the end, after identifying in which country the missing luggage is stuck, clients have to contact the domestic airline in that country.

Wish you a great Luck!

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