Where to meet your booked transfer from the airport to the hotel. Very common topic! [farparents tip]

Still in the series: 2 things that will disturb you on the first day of a holiday.

The first thing is, that the luggage is coming late or not on the same airplane with you and the second thing is you don’t find your transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Now we will talk about the transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Once clients arrive at Koh Samui Airport. Still, many customers are confused about where to meet their booked transfer service.

Interestingly, some customers even don’t know if they already booked the service transfer with their agency or inversely,

They did not book the service transfer with the agency and are trying to find the service transfer on the spot even calling the local Representative.


Clients: “Hey, We just arrived Samui, Where is our transfer”

Representative: Hold on, please. What is your name and booking number, sir? I will check it now.

Clients: Check what we have paid for it!!! But no driver here!

Okay, let’s skip these cases:)

At the Samui Airport, there are 2 meeting points for Transfer to hotels.

One is quite an executive meeting spot, Let’s call it: spot A.

This spot is only taxis of the certain hotels that contract with the airport monthly or yearly to pick up their customers from the exist directly,

so their customers don’t need to walk too long to get the taxi after landing. Furthermore,

here is the hub of private taxi services for those who have not booked a transfer before.

This spot A is on the ground floor of the airport.

Our common headache is: that many travelers who are not customers of these specific hotels also try to find their booked transfer at this Spot A too.

Of course, they will not find their booked transfer here, and 30 min after they call the local representative:

Clients: Hey, I cannot find our transfer at the airport?

I would say this is a good idea to call your local Representative.

So, the local representative will tell you to go to the upper floor where the real meeting point is.

I call it: meeting Point B.

This case is much OK!

The problem is:

As mentioned, at meeting A (Ground floor), there are also many taxi counters for the not-booked transfer travelers.

Many times the customers who already booked a transfer, after they tried to find their transfer at meeting A for a while, did not even call to ask the local representative.

They take the taxi to the hotel by themself with extra pay and drive with that taxi through meeting point B (exit of the airport)

where their real booked transfer is standing waiting for them.

Meeting point B is the transfer meeting point for the clients of common hotels or transfers booked by the agencies or travel providers.

It is on the upper floor of the airport at the exit. Most customers do have this kind of transfer and have to come to this meeting point.

It cannot also happen that you as a customer know that you have transferred with the agency and know that your transfer meeting is on the second floor.

They came correctly to this area but still didn’t find the transfer.

The reasons are:

Miscommunicate between the local driver and agency. In this case, you have to call your local representative,

maybe your representative will call another nearby transfer for you immediately.

What to do is keep this taxi bill that you paid and give it to the agency to make a claim.

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