Series: What to do a few days before you fly back home? (topic) Check your pick-up time with your transfer provider precisely [farparents tip]

If you booked the transfer before with any transfer provider, usually you will receive the pick-up time information in advance.

If not you have to call them to confirm a pick-up and to know which time you need to be at the lobby (check out)

If you did book it with any transfer provider. I highly recommend you book it with the hotel early at least 1 day before.

Otherwise, if you want to find a taxi immediately after you check out from the hotel. If the hotel is in the city it should be fine.

If not it needs time to find the taxi. Especially in the high season. There will be a lot of customers who want to take that hotel taxi too.

When there are fewer taxis to take you have to pay what he says.

Many hotels that are in the hideaway area do have their own shuttle but just for heading to the tourist center, not the airport.

Yes, they can drive you to the airport but at a price. It costs slightly more than a taxi. The problem is if you order the hotel shuttle to the airport immediately, it can be fully booked.

So, it is very easy to prevent this possible problem: book it early at least 1 day before. Then you can spend your last day in the pool with an empty brain.

If you already booked it with a transfer provider. When you receive the pick-up time information please check again by yourself if it matches your flight.

Because sometimes there is an error in the system. If so you need to contact them in time to change it.

What if you booked the transfer to the airport with a trusty transfer provider and on the day you check out there is no one there to pick you up and your flight will take off soon?

Try to call the transfer provider first. Maybe it is still possible that they send the driver to you in time.

If not, you need to take another taxi on your own to the airport and make a claim with the transfer provider later.

The question is how can I get my money back?

When you have been waiting for your transfer at the hotel for a long time, you automatically go to the reception to find the solution.

By then the receptionist is informed of the issue and calls the agency or transfer provider you booked.

If it is too late you need to drive with another taxi first as mentioned.

After the agency is informed that you are on the way with another taxi. They will go to meet you at the airport to give your money back what you have paid for that other taxi with a big apology.

So, keep your bill for that taxi.

The agency knows how to find you at the airport.

If it is too late that you already fly away? Then the agency will do an official refund via bank transfer.

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