series: What to do a few days before you fly back home? (topic) Check-in online If you want to be fast at the airport. [farparents tip]

There are many reasons that make you to be late coming to the airport.

The worst case can be that you miss the flight.

The common reasons for being late would be below:



Big traffic jams on the long road. If the road between your hotel and the airport fill up with community center like market and or some events.

This can lead to traffic jams.



Rough sea. If you come from Koh Phangan or Koh Tao, the risk will be much higher than in Samui.

You need more luck with the weather and with a cloud of people at the pier.

If the weather is too rough, the boat will definitely not be operated as normal according to an announcement from the government and no one can resist.

The boat has to wait till the sea is stable.

No one knows how long it takes time. Due to the big waves can the boat drive only slowly, which will lead to another delay.

When you arrive at Koh Samui, if it is the high season, there can be a traffic jam (maybe not).

If you realize it will be the taught weather in these days, I recommend you pick the early boat to eliminate risk.

The thing that can help you if you expect to come late from Koh Phangan or Koh Tao to the airport and have no other options more, is to check in online.

This will save you time and a lot. You don’t need to stay on the row of clouds. It would save ca. 30 minutes.

Please note that check-in online is available 24 hours before departure.

If you have a connecting flight reaching your home.

The connecting flight will be an international airline (not Bangkok Airlines).

For online check the flight from Samui which is operated by Bangkok Airline only.

You need to go to the website of Bangkok Airlines to make the online check-in. Although your Samui flight indicates the flight number of your international airline.

I know you might not understand this because of my little English. Let’s see the example.


You booked your whole route of flights from Samui – to Bangkok and Bangkok – Vienna with Thai Airways.

The flight number of the Bangkok – Vienna flight will indicate TG followed by 4 numbers.

The flight number of Samui – Bangkok will show TG as well.

But the flight Samui – Bangkok will be operated by Bangkok Airways only, since Bangkok Airway owns all airplanes in Samui.

Thai Airways just uses the airplane of Bangkok Airway which we say “ share code”

That means you have to check in online in Samui via the website of Bangkok Airway.

Once you finish it your worry about missing your flight will be reduced.

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