Please clarify with your agencies/hotel booking providers if you will have an extra bed for your child for sure. When you are traveling as a family. [farparents tip]

I heard too many cases referring to bed’s child 

This is a very common headache issue, interestingly it happens very often.

You have booked your vacation in Samui and are excited waiting for it to start, fly across the world,

and when you arrive, make a check-in, come to the room you imagined all time, how nice it is, then find,

no bed for your child. What now?


  1. If you booked the hotel through a purely online platform.

It’s almost over. Because in an online plate or website, everything should be clearly described before you hit the purchase button.

A common mistake could only be that you were not aware of and missed reading it. The online platform will not take any responsibility for this case.

One thing you can try your luck is to negotiate with the hotel manager. 

Actually, it is not negotiable because the hotel does not do anything wrong.

End up you need to pay for the extra bed, and you should.  


  1. If you booked the hotel with a physical agency via an online platform.

This issue consists of 2 causes. 1. It is already described on the page that you have to pay for an extra bed additionally but you just miss reading it.

2. It is not clearly described on the page and you assume on your own. “Hmm, I booked a standard room for 3 persons, there have to be 3 beds for us”

If you think like this, please read below. In this case, you can still contact your agency to be more informed.


  1. If you booked the hotel via physical agency directly

In this case, you will be more covered. If you forgot to ask this question to the staff and the staff forgot to inform you.

This headache issue will surely happen on the spot. Who wrong? When not nothing is mentioned in the voucher.

Actually, the regular says, that booking of 3 persons does not mean automatically 3 beds, especially in a standard room for 2 persons.

It will be 3 beds only when it is stated in the voucher “ With Extra bed”. When not it then means “Extra Person”


Now what is an Extra Person?

In the booking system of the hotel, a standard room which is normally offered for 2 persons, the room is designed to match with only a double bed.

This means, regularly this is the room for 2 persons.

If the customers attempt to stay in a standard room of 3 persons, yes the hotel can still allow you to do that. 

As mentioned, this room is made for 2 persons, then the third person or the child is categorized to be an Extra Person sharing this room.

The meaning of Extra person is that he can use this room to take a shower, dress, or sleep but has to share The Bed.

There will not be an Extra Bed for him unless you buy it extra.

If the customers are 3 persons, they need to go for a triple room or family room (4 persons), which are designed for 3 – 4 persons


Now the question is why the agency does not describe it clearly if you book this standard room as 3 people, will you get an extra bed?

Because some room hotels provide an extra bed automatically when there is a child.

Some hotels do not and you need to buy it in extra. It is very individual.

The overseas agencies do not have the right information or maybe are too lazy to get it

and expect that the local representative will solve this on the spot for angry customers.


Do I still get an extra bed then?

  • If you booked the hotel with a purely online platform. You have to buy it on the spot.
  • If you booked the hotel with a physical agency. You have to buy it on the spot, but mostly with a The agency normally has a strong relationship with the hotel. The hotel sometimes would help these customers as far as it can. Mostly they offer discounts.

However, these can be proceeded only when there is enough space to set the extra bed in this room.

If the room you booked is really made for only 1 big bed one thing you can do is to upgrade the room to a bigger one.


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