series: What to do a few days before you fly back home (Topic) It is important to pack your luggage correctly. [farparents tip]

In Bangkok, there are many pieces of luggage passing the conveyor machine,

It is almost impossible to scan every piece of luggage if there are forbidden items in the luggage.

Just a few pieces of luggage will be checked here. Unlike in Samui, where there are fewer travelers.

Here every piece of luggage is scanned by the scanner. Once you arranged the check throw your luggage on the conveyor.

The counter staff will give you the flight ticket and show you the way to the gate. On the way to the gate,

you have to stop for 5 minutes at the big screen showing your luggage.

If your luggage is shown on the screen, you have to come to repack your luggage again.

Many people are angry when facing this.

You might say “This topic does not need to be described, everyone should know this already”. 

I should stop writing this topic if this problem did not happen more at the airport.

But it happens every day here. So, let’s continue writing it.

To avoid this headache, just read this article.

Now let’s go through the list of forbidden items.

The luggage that is going to be loaded under the airplane should not contain

  • Decides with battery
  • Lighter
  • Pick Nick gas.

The reason is these things are frameable. Do you still bring it with you?

Yes, just put it in your carry-on.

Via versa: for liquid items like cosmetics and water. You need to put it in the luggage instead.

Another thing to be aware of: is to check precisely what is the weight limit to pack your luggage.

I can read it via the website of the airline. Sometimes when you book a flight with an agency or with an online platform,

you will receive a travel document from your agency without information about weight.

Or even it shows the weight limit but can be not the last update from the airline.

Better to check it again via the airline website by giving your last name and reference code.

If you don’t know how to do that, just the agency to do it for you or call the airline service center directly.

All airlines in Thailand do have staff who speak excellent English.

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