series: What to do a few days before you fly back home (Topic) What if you left some items in the hotel room when you are flying back home? [farparents tip]

Another thing is to clear everything in the save in the hotel room. I know it is self-understandable to do it,

but surprisingly it still happened.

In my experience, the common items clients forget in the hotel is

  • Sunglass
  • Passport
  • Even false teeth
  • Many other things which are not too expensive and they do not need it back

I know it will be boring if I tell you “Please don’t forget your items in the hotel room”

Now let’s skip talking about what if you have forgotten your items in the hotel.

Scenario 1: You realize it while on the transfer heading the airport.

You can tell the driver immediately to turn back to the hotel, usually, he will not charge the additional price.

(Thai people is pleased to help other)


Scenario 2: If you booked your hotel via an agency that has a local customer service person (representative) for you in Samui.

Try to call him. He will bring it to the hotel to bring you to the airport.

You don’t need to pay him unless you are so kind and give him the prize at you want.

If you book the hotel online and have no representative, try to call the hotel you left from.

They are able to help you but depends on an individual hotel if they will charge you and how much.


Scenario 3: (the most difficult situation to handle)

You realize it once you already arrived home.

What to do?

If you have a representative person in Samui try to contact him.

He can go to the hotel pick your item and send it to you via post. The cost of the post to the EU is about 300 – 500 Bath (Depending on weight).

Sometimes more than 1000 Bath. It lasts about 2 weeks.

Or if you are lucky, as the representative does have a list of other clients who are coming from your country,

staying in that hotel and frying back home soon. If these clients are so kind (I would say 20% chance),

they can bring it with them home and send it to you via post in your country.

It is much cheaper this way. But you have to be patient waiting for them to make a checkout and fry back home.

Anyway, I do not this solution as it might disturb the vacation of other people.

The last (funny) choice. In case you don’t need that item back fast and can wait for a year.

 Let’s take a vacation again in Thailand and get that item back when you arrive in Thailand.

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