Can you change the hotel if you don’t enjoy staying there? [farparents tip]

Case1: You booked the hotel with a travel agency

Some travel agencies are easy to deal with if it comes to changing the hotel.

They love to spoil their clients and want their customers to have the most ratification booked for the holiday with them.

They are pleased to absorb some amount caused by hotel change. When customers want to change the hotel, mostly,

The next hotel is more expensive than the original hotel.

And it remains the different cost to pay. The sweet travel agency usually pays a partial amount to their customers. So let’s check.

You might now think, let’s change the hotel every time you take a vacation

, and let the agency pay half of the difference.

First of all, if you are not pleased to stay at the original hotel, they will check first what makes you unsatisfied here.

If things are caused by the hotel, the hotel will let you go without charge,

If you just want to move just because you do not like the hotel style without any mistakes caused by the hotel,

the hotel will charge the full amount

If clients want to move because they don‘t like the style but want the hotel does not charge fully.

Then they got the idea to try to find any mistake (what actually should not be) in order to have some reasons to move for free.

Please be so kind as to avoid this, it wastes so much time for the hotel, agency, and clients.

The hotel and agency do have an investigative team to prove this. If the hotel did not make any mistake.

The names of the clients will be stored in the system who complain unreasonably for hidden benefits.

The hotels do have a central network they can check your behavior staying at any hotel in the previous.

If they notice that you often change the hotels, they might reject your booking.

For some travel agencies is not easy to deal with hotel changes.

  • When it comes to hotel change, clients have to pay the total difference (Hotel B – Hotel A) no matter what. But before they/ the agency offer you the hotel change, they will first try to offer you some compensation in the original hotel. Like massage, dinner, free transfer to the city, and often a room upgrade(when the hotel has a vacant room at that time. When these compensations can not make you happy, the agency will offer you a hotel change.


  • The agency will ask for your perspective on which hotels you prefer to move to. If you don’t idea which hotels are good for you, the agency will recommend 2 – 3 hotels to you. If you agree to pick these hotels. The agency will recommend you to visit the hotels first. Notice, all costs of transfers to visit the hotels are on you. The agency will not pay for these.


  • Calculation of the difference (Hotel B-Hotel A). This step is very important, it affects your decision if you want to continue the hotel-changing process.


  • When the difference is too high but you are pleased to go for this, some agencies would partly absorb the cost. Mostly go a half.


  • Then, you will be offered


  • If you are okay with the price, you can pay it with your local representative person from your agency or sometimes to the hotel directly, depending on the agency. Many agencies have different payment methods. When the payment is successful, the new hotel then is booked and you can check-in.

Case 2: If you booked the hotel via an online platform, the above process is not allowed. You have to change the hotel on your own afford.

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