What if your booked transfer does not present to pick you up at the hotel at appointment time or comes very late? [farparents tip]

This case describes that your booked transfer is already confirmed. (#make sure all transfers are correctly booked)

But on the departure day, you are waiting at the hotel for 7 minutes and your driver still isn’t present or is going to come to pick you up late.

Below is the step to take action!

  • contact your customer representative

First of all, please contact your local representative. You will have a local representative only if you booked the vacation with particular agencies.

Actually, people who booked your transfer in advance, have booked their vacation via an agency.

So, you have to check first if your agency does provide a local customer representative person. If yes, please contact him first, as he will check, where your driver is at the moment.

  • They will check first if you also booked the transfer with them

Before the representative is going to check where the driver is at the moment, he will check first if you have booked that transfer with him.

In this process, on the phone call with him, you need to say your booking number or at least your last name and the hotel name you are staying.

This process is important. There are some clients, who have not booked the transfer with the travel agency as all-inclusive travel (hotel + transfer) but they think they are.

They might have booked a transfer with another agency (B) and think it is the same agency (A) they booked the hotel.

But they called agency (A) for a transfer issue. In this case agency A does not have information about this.

After it is checked and you have transferred with him, the next step is to check where the driver now is and how long will he come to you.


  • The next step is, how long should you still wait for it ?

It can happen very often that the driver comes late. Normally 5 – 15 minutes. It is depending on the traffic on the street.

No worry it is still in time to get the flight because the pick-up time was set with spare time in case of traffic jam.

Now if 15 minutes have passed and no one is still present there?

The next question is, should you still wait?

This will refer to your flight departure time or does the flight time still match?

Normally, the pick-up time was planned with ca. 40 minutes of spare time. If it exceeds 40 minutes already then tell your representative that you need to take another taxi now.

  • But if it is still in time and you take a taxi, it is your own responsibility.

Yes, if it is not 40 minutes yet and you take the taxi on your own, it will be the case of a transfer no-show or in other words, you missed the transfer. The agency will not take any responsibility.

The spare time is depending on the individual agency. I used 40 minutes just for an example. So, let’s check with your agency what is the policy with spare time.

  • If it exceeds 40 minutes?

I would say let’s go ahead with another. Take it and claim later. Of course, the agency knows

that the extra cost of a taxi is much cheaper than a new flight they have to pay for the customer if their clients miss the flight: How to claim for transfer # https://farparents.com/?p=6007

I hope this article will reduce the nerve of waiting for your transfer.

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