Ill briefly before you are flying back home. How to manage the situation? [farparents tip]

Please read this article concentratedly Because in this case “ill during vacation” is a big issue that costs very expensive money and time and headache.

It is right no one can eliminate illness but at least so now. This article will be written to refer to how to manage the situation when it happens.

There can be many factors in a beach vacation. The common illness is ear pain caused by water activity, etc. These have directly to do with the ability to fly.

First of all, if you are badly ill nearly before the departure back home.

You need to be checked by a doctor. In order to get better and TO know if you are able to fly in a few days.

  • Fit to fly

Once you are investigated by a doctor if the illness is not intensive and the doctor allows you to stay in a hotel.

Don’t forget to ask the doctor for permission to fly “fit to fly”. When you come to check in at the airport if the airline staff notices your remaining illness

they will ask you to show the fit to fly permission first, if you don’t have it, they will not let you check in.

The airline considers this a very serious issue if they let clients fly because of illness, and when the client’s illness increases caused by airplane flying.

The captain needs to land immediately.

That is why they will let you fly with them without a doctor’s permission.

  • Doctor says not fit to fly

After being investigated by the doctor he said you need to come to the doctor again in a few days (3-4 days) for the second investigation.

That means can are not allowed to fly until the next investigation takes place.

After the second investigation is done, the doctor will tell you if you need a third investigation or are already fit to fly.

Now let’s examine in case you need a second investigation

  • hotel extension

Now the inexpensive cost is coming. You need to extend your hotel stay for 3-4 days without knowing when you have to stay here or if you need a third investigation.

The good thing is you can extend the hotel stay day by day and pay the hotel


If you booked the hotel with an agency that provides you with a local customer representative, he can negotiate with the hotel for the hotel room discount for emergency cases.

Unlike the flight rebooking.

  • Flight rebook

This is the most expensive cost you are going to face when the extension is needed.

Of course, a flight rebooking a few days before the original flight is too expensive and sometimes not available as there are no seats available.

If you are in low season the rebooking fee can account for 200 Euro per person if high season can range to 700 Euro per person for the whole route.

If you booked the flight by agency, the rebooking process is arranged by the agency and the fee should be cheaper than when you do it by yourself as you booked the flight online.

The problem is you cannot plan, until when you extend your stay here.

Because it depends on your illness and the opinion of the doctor which we cannot easily be estimated. You have to be a really good forecaster.

Because one-time flight rebooking costs too much, if you change the flight to (example) from 22.09 to 29.09 and on 28.09 you still need to visit the doctor or are not able to fly,

You have to change the flight again and cost one again.

Let’s always overestimate it and change the flight to many days further. If your hotel room per night is too expensive, change the hotel to a cheaper one.

Generally, the hotel room costs just a little compared to the flight rebooking.

  • Important! You have a limited date to rebook

You have to make a fast decision to make a flight change.

Because the flight rebooking has to be done before the original flight takes off.

After this, you have only to buy a new flight which is more expensive. So, you have to make it done within 21.09 the faster the cheaper.

  • Who pays for it?

If you an insurance, you need to contact your insurance fast to clarify the payment. Some insurances say you have to pay on-site first and then make a claim later when you come back.

Some say they can check bills with the clinic directly.


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