Way to deal with contraction or maintenance pollutions during your stay in the hotel. [farparents tip]

Busy high season has passed, and the low season with rain is coming. The room prices are going to drop to attract budget travelers who don’t care about rain.

Of course, the hotel occupancy rate in this period was much lower.

The hotels use this opportunity to proceed with the yearly maintenance preparing to welcome the upcoming high season.

Hence, if you can accept rain, please be able to accept the possible construction too.

Sometimes the hotel will inform the customers in advance who have booked and are coming there.

Surprisingly many times not at all as they are confident enough to welcome you and have a solution plan in case of a complaint.

  • Hotel informs via agency

Whenever the hotel wants to proceed with the maintenance of some spots in the hotel, they inform the agencies and online platforms in advance

and the agencies have to inform the clients before the clients fly in.

The agency can only inform the incoming clients when the hotel agrees to offer some compensation to clients.

Note, that the agencies will not provide any info about the maintenance if the hotel does not offer any compensation to the coming clients.

It means the clients will fly and check into the hotel without information about the maintenance.

Without compensation, clients will be surprised to face it on-site and let the hotel deal with it case by case.

  • In case of that clients are informed about it with compensations in advance.

If the clients are informed before and are still okay with the maintenance and with the offered compensations in the hotel.

Then nothing changed regarding the original booking. If the clients are not okay with this then the agencies will offer other hotels nearby or same budget.

If clients have booked the hotel with the hotel directly, the hotel will find alternate hotels and offer these to you.

Previously, after the clients were informed in advance, surprisingly, 50 % of them remained in their travel program/ hotel as originally booked.

Maybe changing a hotel is a lot of work and costs a lot of time. Or maybe the compensation offered is sweet enough to make an incentive.

Some of this 50% of clients accepted this coming into the hotel but changed their mind on-site because the noise is much more intense than expected and not acceptable.

They want to complain or change the hotel.

  • The question is can they do these?

Normally the agency will inform clients with exact details regarding the construction work containing the level of the pollution.

And the compensation to compensate for this. That means clients cannot complain on-site. This is understandable.

Can they still change the hotel? Yes, but on their own wish. The hotel will not refund. # Can you change the hotel if you don’t enjoy staying there?

Sometimes the hotel finds the defect immediately and has to fix now. Therefore, it is not able to inform the incoming clients in time.

In this case, the clients have the right to come to the manager and explain this inconvenience to him.


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