If you don’t want to be surprised with your hotel aspects when getting there, read the hotel description before and carefully. [farparents tip]

In heard about many cases clients don’t like the hotel aspects and conditions of their hotels. Especially the style of the hotel.

As you know in Samui, there are many types of hotel designs for different groups of clients.

Like a hotel for families where most facilities for kids are installed and it surrounds many kids there that can generate noise.

If you are seeking a quiet place then you are wrong here. Another example is the boutique spa hotel that focuses on maximum relaxation and quiet and is mostly far from the city.

If you like to hang out every night during the stay then you have to book a city hotel, not here. #types of hotels in Samui

Sometimes the type of hotel is not described clearly, the good way to know it is by checking the aspects

Sometimes it stated that the minor restaurant and bar or other facilities are temporarily closed for maintenance.

First of all, before you go to check the aspects of the hotel you are interested in, check the ”Notice”

if there will be maintenance at some spot in the hotel in the period you are coming. If yes, recommend you skip this hotel and go for the next hotel.

  • Distant from a community center

Interestingly, there are many cases in which clients want to change the hotel because their hotels are far from the cities.

Unfortunately, the original hotel they wanted to check out early did not refund them. Because it is not the mistake caused by the hotel. That means if clients attempt to move.

They have to pay the new hotel with full amount.

If you are sure to eat or massage outside the hotel often. Please select the hotel near the city. Google Maps is a powerful tool to have a view.

What does the hotel environment look like?

Inversely, the city hotel can be noisy if you are looking for a quiet hotel and a whole day on the beach, eating, and spa. Then go for a lonely boutique hotel.

  • Hotel and room layout (common issue)

Most hotels in Samui are designed in the old Thai style. Some rooms are made of wood. Some rooms are cottages or what we call “bungalows”.

Some new hotels are designed in a modern style, mostly at the city beach Chaweng.

From experience, most young people do prefer modern hotels (maybe not you).

Because it is compact, it has everything nearby in a building. This suits students’ or working men’s needs as co-working space with fast internet, club, lift late breakfast time available.

It is a building with many floors. Once you wake up take the lift down to the first floor. Walk for 2 minutes to the restaurant for breakfast at 11:00 hrs.

Unlike the bungalow hotels, that are in a wide area. Each bungalow is far from each other.

No co-working space, pool club, or party room. Have to walk far way to each facility like the pool, restaurant, and reception. A big cottage resort usually provides buggies.

  • Meal

Meal is the big important point many clients skip it during hotel shopping and realize later after coming that there less choices for local Thai foods and most foods are European foods like spaghetti, bread, and ham which you eat almost every day at home.

Many hotels still provide these foods because they do not focus on attracting clients’ satisfaction with food but with something else.

If you want to try Thai and kinds of seafood at the hotel, then go for a hotel with Thai and seafood restaurants.

  • Which beach?

Another important point is the beach in front of the hotel. Firstly, find out which beach your potential hotel is located in, second search how busy the beach usually is.

If you like to swim at the beach, then avoid the city beach, because there will be a lot of water sports there. Go for Maenam and Choengmon.

  • Shuttle bus

Not all the hotels provide their clients the shuttle buses. Especially the hotels in the city of Chaweng, Since hotels are located in Chaweng town people can walk into them.

But the highlight in Chaweng is not only Chanweng.

We usually find hotels with shuttle service in county areas. Even though some hotels would charge a fee for it.

The fee can range from 50 Bath to the same as the taxi cost depending on the individual hotel.

Some hotels provide it for a fee but at a particular time. If this factor is important for you, then check first if your potential hotel does provide this and how much. # Commonly used transportation in Samui

Enjoy and good luck.


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