Overview of the hotel types in Samui. Please make the right hotel selection for yourself. [farparents tip]

As you know, the needs of people are different, and even the selection of a place of residence is no exception.

The type of your selected hotel or resort will score your enjoyment in that vacation at the end or at the beginning even.

Although the hotel you stayed in is perfectly built and managed. It can rate a low score for this time of your vacation.

Just because of that the hotel style or type is suitable for your personal style.

If you want to completely close your thinking of headache works from the office.

Seeking 2 weeks of time to lay in a quiet sunbathe and hear just the sound of the sea waves.

But you hit the button and book the best 5-star family hotel that is busy and noisy.

All you hear instead of waves is the sound of children playing on the beach.

Or you are traveling as a family but booked a business hotel, what will happen? No playground for your children.

And your children will not meet new friends in the hotel.

Or if you are already an elder person who will not claim upstairs to 2. or 3. Floor, then avoid the tall building hotel.

Then why don’t use the lift then? Most tall building hotels in Samui have a maximum of three floors and rarely four floors and without lift.

I never heard about a hotel in Samui that has all styles inclusive. Even it has to be a very large hotel.

The room zones are divided into Family zone, honeymoon zone, student zone, business zone, and packer zone but I am sure the hotel will not build extra pools and beaches for each particular group.

That is why the hotel is specifically designed for one target group of clients.

Below are the common hotel types in Samui


1. Airport hotel

Generally, an airport hotel is a budget hotel near the airport. But in Samui, there is no airport hotel but small mentions are located near the airport.

These are built for travelers who want to make a cheap stopover in Samui for one or two nights between Koh Phangan or Koh Tao and Bangkok.

Please note, If it is too near the airport, the noise from the airplane can disturb your rest last night and eat your enjoyment the next day in Koh Phangan or Koh Tao.

If your itinerary is Bangkok- Samui-Koh Phangan, I would suggest you stay the near pier heading to Koh Phangan.

But if your plan is Koh Phangan-Samui-Bangkok, this is fine for you.

The big advantages of this are 1. Maybe you don’t need a taxi between the airport and 2. It saves your budget from a beach hotel.  


2. Boutique Hotel

This kind of hotel sounds slightly luxurious, yes, it is right. They try to differentiate themselves from a conservative traditional hotel in the same category.

This means. It varies in different levels of luxury from 3.5 to 5 stars.  But is slightly more luxurious than the traditional hotel in the same category.

A 4-star boutique hotel is a little bit more luxurious than a 4-star traditional hotel.

The category of how many stars the hotel has is commonly rated by the facilities the hotel has, like many types of restaurants,

many pool selections, water parks, bars, fitness, buggy, massage, and spa and rooms. A 4-star boutique has equal facilities (in amount, material, and size) as a 4-star traditional hotel

but each facility is slightly more luxurious and has a different design, and sometimes an Indy event like a meditation program with a trainer without using a cell phone for a half day.


3. A city hotel

Let’s clarify it first. The city hotel in Samui is not a tall tower like in big cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chiangmai. Samui Samui,

the biggest building in a city hotel should contain no more than four floors.  

You will see these hotels very often in the cities of Chaweng and Bophut directly from the street.

It is considered to be a standard type of hotel if clients have no idea what to choose and want to be safe with hotel/resort selection.

The city hotel owns buildings that usually contain 2 – 3 floors. The reception, restaurant, and other facilities are on the first floor so clients do have not to run too far.  

It is very compact and can suit for wide range the target groups of clients like students, work-vacation or family.

This kind of hotel varies from 3 – 4 stars with a fair price. One of the great advantages of Samui is that even the so-called‘’ City Hotel is still located at the beach.

Because they are enough space between the main street and the beach to build a hotel.

You will just rarely find this in the other destinations in Thailand. 


4. Resort hotels

Almost all resort hotels are located in picturesque places. Of course, here in Samui “the Beaches” with aroma atmosphere.

70 % of resorts are bungalow-style, no worry, they are modern bungalows with air-conditioners.

If the resorts are bigger the bungalows might be changed to villas without or with a pool inside. The resorts vary from 3.5 to 5-star resorts.

The resorts are suitable for those who travel across the world and make a slightly long stay at one place in Samui enjoying sleeping in beautiful tropical room styles and sitting at a sunbathe at the beach in the front of the hotel.

The resort hotels also focus on the client’s satisfaction through food. The various delicious foods are made in detail and provided.

Mostly Thai food is on focus, the resort knows that the clients from western don’t want to eat the French more on the tropical island.

The restaurant is located right next to the beach.


5. Spa resort

Actually, the resort hotel does provide a standard spa already but not as full as the Spa resort.

The spa resort is the next level of spa which the management team uses to be familiar with

or to study about the massaging and spa and provide a training program to their spa staff to be professional at it.

Not only spa is an outstanding facility here in the spa resort, but also the accommodation room.

It was made to support the emotions of clients after having a stunning massage and spa and walking back to the room.

Therefore, the spa resorts are almost a 5-star hotel. One can realize that it is a spa resort through the name of the hotel.

The spa hotel usually, has the word ‘’Spa’’ at the end of the name like ‘’Muang Samui Spa and Resort’’

Actually, this topic slightly refers to the topic: # If you don’t want to be surprised with your hotel aspects when getting there, read the hotel description before and carefully.

But the linked topic brings you more in detail about the specific aspects of your interested hotel. 



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