Beware! The Overseeing pre-booked excursions/tours can be incorrect. [farparents tip]

Many times, guests have booked a few excursions together with their vacation packet from home.

Once they arrived at the destination hotel, someone informed them that their pre-booked tour was no longer operated.

Some clients were not informed about the cancellation and showed up at the lobby to be picked up for that missing excursion and of course, no one came.

Sometimes the tour they pre-booked is not the exact same tour that will be operated on the spot.

Why this?

Date incorrect, oversee agencies sometimes do not update info with local tour operators

Usually, the overseas agency will sell only excursions, whose local operators are business partners to them.

The local partner will provide the operating schedule of the excursions to the overseas agency.

Once the local operator changes the schedule of the excursions due to any reason.

Like 1. changing the date schedule according to low and high seasons. 2. Immediately changing the operating date due to rough monsoon weather. 3 etc.

Now communication mistake can easily happen and happens very often.

The schedule, which the overseas agency still keeps is no longer updated, and sell their clients the missing excursion.

Even if the date is correct and the excursion is operated on the planning day but with a different language you prefer and sometimes a different program.

Why this?

Let’s first do a fundamental. The local operator normally operates an excursion in a different language on a certain day.

For example: a snorkeling excursion will be operated on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday in English.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday in German. If the overseas agency staff who sell you did not read the conditions carefully, they could sell you the wrong date and operating language.

Sometimes the tour they pre-booked is not the exact same tour that will be operated on the spot.

Because the overseas booked the wrong excursion for you because the names of both excursions are partly alike.

The tour will not be operated due to rough weather, find a contact number of the tour operator when you arrive here, or even from home.

Even everything is correctly booked from the overseas agency. But if the weather does not support the excursion on the day. It will not be operated.

If it happens and you have booked it from an overseas agency without a local contact person on the spot who informs you about this change, it is a big trouble.

You will not get information from overseas briefly about the update.

Even if everything is correctly booked and the weather is lovely. The excursion is normally operated but still, no one comes to pick you up at the lobby.

It happens many times that the local operator is busy with the excursion booking from clients who booked on the spot and forget the last minus booking from overseas coming via email.

The clients who book on the spot are considered the first priority.

If it goes wrong due to any reason mentioned above. (You miss the tour) Now, how to manage it?

You have to contact your local customer representative first (You have this person only when you booked via a certain overseas agency that provides this service).

Or ask your overseas agency for the contact who can help you on the spot (If you don‘t have a customer representative service)

What the customer representative can do is find a solution for you dealing with the local operator whether to put you on other possible dates for this excursion.

Or to book an alternative excursion for you. But for this, you need to pay for the price difference if it exists.

What If it is not possible to find an alternative date or excursion for you

If the possible alternative date or excursion supposed to be changed for you does not fit to your travel itinerary more.

You just have to cancel this excursion and make a claim later with your agency once you come back home.

To eliminate this: We suggest you book it on the spot. Even though it is more convenient for you to let the overseas agency do everything. Then please ask for a contact of a person on the spot who you can communicate with.

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