Which situations you need to book a full board option in hotel, which only ABF? [farparents tip]

This topic would help not only you as a client but also the hotel booking agency.

The agency can prevent headaches when their client booked the full board from overseas

and wants to cancel later when they arrive at the destination and don’t need the full board anymore.

Or reversely they did book it, then wanted it later when they arrived at the hotel.

The following factors are going to advise you if you should book the full board.

When you are sure your potential hotel provides enough choices of food or much availability for selection.

Furthermore, the hotel is quite alone standing on the hill or in the very forest country location.

Where there are very rare restaurants to pick. Here you are ahead with the full board.

Google Maps can be used to inspect the location of the hotel but not the perfect tool for a hotel in the jungle.

Because the street view function of Google is still available only on the main road in Samui. Some distance is still not updated.

Look like you need some good vacation advisor at the travel agency office or some good sources on the online site.

How to know if the hotel you are interested in provides a variety of foods?

The decent hotels will have their website or at least a fan page where their contact data like phone number, email, and WhatsApp are shown.

You can contact the hotel and ask for the list of foods. This action should proceed when you are serious about the food.

If the hotel is in city central it is up to you to contact the hotel for a food list, maybe just go for ABF.

Unless that hotel has an outstanding restaurant and is cheaper than outside. This kind of hotel exists.

Make sure by doing research of the hotel has great offers with the restaurant.

Now you say what if I don‘t want to stay in a busy city hotel but a quiet spa resort on a lonely beach? Should I still have to book only the full board?

We would say, nevertheless your potential hotel is far from the city and there are not many restaurants there.

If there are just a few must-to-try restaurants nearby the area. You should invest in traveling despite the far distance to eat at those restaurants.

Again, a great tool to find a good restaurant is Google. But no good restaurants there, so go for Full Board.

Now if you have a clear lifestyle of going out every day or your body needs moving.

You do like to try many different foods. Then no need to do 3 days of research, go for ABF. Just be careful ABF is still needed for everyone.

 It is s fixed function of hotel booking. And to find food in the morning outside the hotel here in Samui is not easy.

Reversely, if your style has not much to do with walking or moving, hang out or so. Or if you are vegetarian, then easier to eat just in the hotel.


Below are brief suggestions

  • Your travel styles
  • Eat-ability limit (vegetarian, see food, all foods)
  • Luxury hotel but has no outstanding food then you go for ABF
  • Luxury hotel with outstanding food then half board. You can go, full board, if you have the budget.
  • Normal/standard hotel nearby city with outstanding food then half-board
  • Normal/standard hotel with outstanding food and sea view and is lonely in the forest then full board
  • Budget hotel (without outstanding food) then just ABF. It is understandable, for the clients who book a budget hotel. They plan not to be stuck in the hotel all day and time anywhere. They book the hotel just for sleep.

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