The peak, high, and low seasons. The weather in Samui. [farparants tip]

Yearly, 3 seasons take place in Thailand, summer, rainy, and winter. Although the winter season is not that cold and lasts long like other lands in the world it is considered as winter season.

In the south of Thailand, where Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao are located, only 2 seasons are observed. No winter.


Jan is the beginning of peak season. It is the season that tourists come to celebrate the new year here besides their bathing vacation.

Almost all hotels are fully booked and busy. Especially the hotel in Chaweng. If you want to visit Samui in Jan, especially if you are interested in staying in Chaweng,

you have to book the hotels here more than 7 months in advance. Before all significant hotels are booked or their price goes very high.

If you arrive at the hotel and are not satisfied with your hotel and want to move the hotel.

It is not possible to do that. Please study your hotel aspects carefully before making a booking. # Observe the aspects of a hotel

The beach where the biggest New Year celebration takes place at 12:00 on 01.01.xx is Chaweng Beach.

At the opposite of the biggest shopping mall of Samui called Central Samui. There is here a fire ware event at midnight.

However, at the New Year event of 2023, things have just recovered from COVID-19. There were not many people on Chaweng Beach like ever before.

Most parts of the tourists come from the Western world like the USA, UK, and Europe because some of them are pleased to celebrate X-mas here as well.

The weather in Jan is still slightly rainy. The rain in Jan is short and hard. Mostly one hour of rain. After one hour of rain, the weather will be clear again.


The peak season…

According to my 7 years of experience living in Germany, in Fab – March, the weather in the EU is the coldest. (please correct me in the comment if it is not true).

But in Samui, the weather is lovely breezy sun. Here, the peak season will eco slam this month.

98% of common hotels are fully booked. Of course, the room price is max if you book it shortly.

Even if you book it many months before, the price is still high because of high demand.

The roads are so filled with vehicles that we must plan for transfer with spare time: Hotel – Airport. #transfer to the airport

The beaches especially Chaweng Beach and Bo Phut Beach are cloudy of people.

The significant possible problem that every traveler can face is this:

Normally the airplane will be checked if everything is in order before departure if the airplane is reported a defect, another airplane will be used.

Or in case of flight delay caused by any effect, the alternative flight will be used.


The busy peak season still remains until the third week of March. Then it will be slowly decided.

But it is the increase of weather improvement. In the South of Thailand. The official summer begins from the 4. week of March until August.

I would say this period of time is lovely to have a vacation here. Due to Not too many people and lovely weather.


In April, the low season slightly begins. Despite of peak of temperature. Some years the temp could go up to 35 degrees Celsius.

Although it is a month which is very sure we will not face rain, but due to the high temp.

It could reduce our enjoyment as well (depending on personal weather orientation). The biggest highlight of April which people come to see in this month is the water fest namely Song Kran festival.

On every 13 of April, people especially kids and foreigners come on the street staying on the sides of the street with water tanks and toys to watch people on motorcycles or cars passing by.

It begins from noon until 18:00. It is a fun event here that you should experience.

May – Jun

The low season…

These two months are our low season here in Samui. Interestingly the weather is still beautiful, it is mostly sunny while there are fellow tourists.

In my opinion, these 2 hot months are low season because people in the EU have to work. (correct me in a comment if I am wrong).

So if you are able to choose your month of vacation at your company office. Then choose this month.

The advantage is if you don’t like your hotel when you arrive at Koh Samui and want to change the hotel.

It is sure that you will have rooms available at other better hotels.

The same melody, if you much enjoy staying here in Samui and want to extend your holiday. You will be able to change the return flight.

July – August

The high season…

Here the mass of tourists return to Samui again. The amount is big enough to make some favorite hotels fully booked. But not all the hotels like the leak season in February and March.

That means if you come for a vacation in July and August. You experience your hotel negatively at the check-in and want to change the hotel.

You still have a chance to move to another hotel which is not that famous.

The weather in this month is very complicated. Some week is fully rainy, some is sunny and some is a mixture.

Officially, July and August are still summer in the South of Thailand but less intensive. Also, it is the end of summer and the beginning of the rainy season.

Some guests were informed that these months are summer and when they arrived in Samui and experienced rainy days for a whole week and complained to their travel consultant.

I hope the texts above will reduce your anger more or less. We cannot plan for the weather in these 2 months. It depends rarely on your luck.

The good news is, in July and August, when it rains, it rains no more than 1 hour.

The end of the rain is the signal that you will meet the sunny say on the very next day.

It is no surprise why people keep coming for holiday in these months despite uncertain weather. It is because of the school holiday in the EU.

That means you will meet many kids in the hotel if you come for vacation this season.

If are not the person who can accept noise from kids. Then just relax. If it is a matter for you but July and August are the only months you can go for vacation, select the right hotel.

September – Middle December

The green season takes place now…

The Green Season is a Nickname for the rainy season. It is green because everything is quiet like juggle.

Due to the heavy rain, very few people use to visit here.

That is why…

Many hotels use this opportunity to close their defective facilities for maintenance.

But the hot still want to make income. They are still open to welcome guests during partial maintenance.

The chance that you will be facing maintenance on the spot is very high. Now if you are worried about this then read this.

It is the method hotel to handle the maintenance of the hotel.

#maintenance in the hotel.

There is always an advantage behind it. In this season, the price of accommodations is very cheap.

Sometimes it can go 50% cheaper than in high season. It is very lovely for people who don’t care about the weather (like me 🤣).

The weather is about 80 % rainy. Unlike July and August, between September and the Middle of December, when it rains, it rains more than 2 hours. Sometimes for a half day or it is raining lightly but for a whole day.

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