Personal Experience from Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan speed boat trip, December 2022.

(However, This is a review from the trip inspection of one of our working members, Mr. Cha which was expressed from his personal feelings)


The trip took place in December 2022. The weather in the morning on the day was pretty beautiful, sunshine, no rain, and stable seawater.

Everyone got on the boat one by one and we departed from the Bangrak pier at around 9:00 pm. I always love this part so much at the moment we are about to head out to the ocean.

Everyone smiled and was excited and fit at the beginning part (lol) before becoming a bit tired about 45 min later.

The boot drive from Samui to Koh Nang Yuan first and lasted about 1 and a half hours.

As I noticed the emotion of other travers, at the first 45 min almost everyone had enjoyed the boat drive in the ocean.

Between 45 – 70 min they were quite not too fit at the beginning maybe they were tired due to the boat drive.

At this time (after 45 min) we were in the midway between Koh Samui and Koh Tao. All we can see here is just our boat and the wide ocean with the noise of the boat engine.

But after 70 min went by, something exciting started to happen, yes we were driving along Koh Tao. The view of Koh Tao is worth to visit.

There are many big rocks on the coasts and partly short beaches. Nice to watch. With this trip itinerary, we will drive by Koh Tao and visit Koh Nang Yuan first.

Koh Nag Yuan is 3 small islands connecting to each other by the sandbanks which we can walk on.

After the boat drove by Koh Tao just about 10 min we saw the incredibly beautiful island that exists in the Gulf of Thailand. It is Nang Yuan island. # The Story  of Koh Nang Yaun.

The 3 small islands were full of green on top of beautiful rocks at the coast and real crystal clear water around

and sandbanks that connected to each other, people (tourists) were walking on the sandbank or snorkeling around.

Once our boat was parked at the (quite beautiful) pier at Nang Yuan Island, the pier or bridge is made of wood but has good condition many people even took pictures from there.

On the bridge, about 50 meters from the pier, there is an entrance where people buy the entrance fee for 100 Bath.

After that we entered the center of Nang Yuan, here is the smallest island that has facilities like a resort (the only resort on Nang Yuan island) and a restaurant that belongs to this resort.

Here we changed our clothes because we were about to walk on the sandbank to another island to have the famous viewpoint (we can call it Viewpoint Island).

This angle of view is used to promote the trip to Samui we often see on the Internet.

Keep in mind to check it first, some months, on the sandbank water can be shallow that we can walk through or maybe too high to get through.

The water here on the sandbank is very crystal clear. I have just never seen any seawater so clear like this. At the moment I stand in the water there, I just compare it with a swimming pool. The natural swimming pool.  

I would say the swimming is just slightly clearer than the water here.

Once we crossed the sandbank to the viewpoint island. We get on the island and walk along the island along the wooden bridge that brings us to the entrance to the viewpoint.

The viewpoint is about 70 meters high from the seawater, so it is okay with this high for everyone to get there.

Just one thing that can annoy us, the way heading to the viewpoint is too narrow so you have to give the way to people who come from the opposite direction.

Imagine calming the mount is itself very tried and we have to be on the side of the way to give people way.

But I am sure you will be happy to do that when people smile at you and say thank you (to give them the way).

The walk took around 15 -20 min then we arrived at the viewpoint, it is really worth calming up here.

Sometimes there are too many people there taking pictures, so we have to wait for them to finish making a thousand photos.

For that trip, we have 1 hour time to spend there in Nang Yuan. I just spent most of my time on the mountain at the viewpoint. Just realize that here is the best place to snorkel.

I quickly went down from the mountain and walked to the sandbank area to swim.

Once I stand in the sea the water level is about my shoulder but I can clearly see the ground/sand through the water like we were swimming in the swimming pool but here is a real sea.

After 1 hour of being here, we depart Koh Nang Yuan and head out to Koh Tao for lunch in a beach restaurant for 1 hour and then head to the first snorkeling point.

At the first snorkeling point, There is a boat park on the sea ca. 100 m from the coast of Koh Tao, the water is about 7 meters high.

The bottom is full of corals and fish but not too many like the next snorkeling point. We spent time for snorkeling here about 45 minutes and then went to the second snorkeling point.

Once we arrived at the second snorkeling point,  just about 5 people went to the sea for snorkeling because others were just tired from the first point.

But you know here at the 2. point, there are many more fish to watch. I saw o school of fish (about 6 – 8 fish) at the bottom coral by coral.

The fish here are about 40 cm long and are colorful. I don’t know what it is called. Unfortunately, I did not have a water camera to record them.

The top of this fish is blue and yellow, the tail is red, the head is purple and the bottom is orange (I don’t remember it exactly, maybe the colors with positions can be changed).

Anyway, it is all about the trip, now time to head back to Samui. I didn’t know before that the weather on the sea can change too much on the same day.

In the morning as mentioned the weather was so beautiful, but at the time we headed back (3:30 pam.) there were very big waves (3 meters).

We kept our fingers crossed during this time. One of the traverses was seasick. But we can not pause the drive, we need to get out of these big waves area real fast.

Once we arrived at a small Island near Koh Phangan. We make a break here for ca. 20 min to get better from seasick due to the big waves.

On this island, there is a sandbank where people can walk take some pictures, and make a relaxing. Then we straight to Koh Samui and arrived at Samui at around 4:30 – 5:00 p.m.

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