Common land, flying, and Sea Animals in Samui

Again, I have received many questions regarding concerns about common animals that can be found on Koh Samui.

Koh Samui has exotic animals (Southeast animals) that are both harmful and harmless to people.

But don’t worry, we don’t see wild crocodile or tiger or bear here. Since Koh Samui is no longer as pure natural as before, plenty of hotels and houses have limited the wild in which the animals used to live.

Naturally, the animals are also scared of humans and civilization, not only the humans are scared of them.

The possible scary animals people can face near accommodation would be sneaks and jellyfish at the beaches for instance.

Most of the sneaks we found near the accommodation are harmless, they like to be on the trees (green sneak) or on the ground seeking mice near the kitchen, that are seeking food trash nearby.

However, this article is about to tell you how high the possibility is, which season, and where you can face them.

Let’s divide them into 3 types of animals. Land, Air, and seawater animals.

Land animals

The common land animals on Koh Samui are mostly on the mountain high or in the jungle and water stream. For instance, monkey, squirrel, flog, sneak, mouse, and spider.

There are zoos that import unusual animals like tigers, and crocodiles, and the highlight is the elephant here in Samui.

You have to buy a ticket to visit them. There are few elephant sanctuaries here.

Sometimes we still find a sneak in the accommodation area. But as mentioned, most of them are harmless sneak, especially the green ones.

If the is green at the whole body from head to tail, we call it the green sneak. The green sneaks are often found in Thailand.

It does bite but no venom. But beware, there is a type of sneak which is almost similar. It is also green but at its tail, it is black.

We called it the green-black tail sneak. This has venom. Anyway, if one gets bitten by any sneak, take a picture of it and go to the doctor/ hospital real fast.

Naturally, the sneaks both harmful and harmless will not come to harm people. They do bite if someone contacts them. For example, when you walk on it or sit near it.

They just want to protect themself from possible danger. So far you have not walked in the grass field, especially in the grass field in the jungle you never find it.

The same to spiders, most types of spiders are harmless spiders. I never someone got bitten by a spider.

Maybe it does but no venom. However, the spider looks so scary.

Maybe the real problem of facing a spider is not that the spider bites you, but its scary look can lead to a heart attack.

Especially the colorful or the longhair one. And the same to sneak we never find this kind of spider in the accommodation area.

The type that we possibly find in the accommodation area is the small one which should be harmless.

However, this text is written from my own experience as a local.

Air animals

The common flying animals here in Samui are bats, birds, butterflies, flies, mosquitoes, and grass insects.

The most dangerous one is the mosquito. The mosquito can bring a few kinds of fevers which are considered as serious fever.

If you get this fever you have to visit the doctor with no acceptation like other normal fever.

Sometimes travelers who get these fevers have to extend their vacation because the doctor does not allow them to fly on an airplane.

But no worry, the mosquito will not attempt to come to you so far you keep spaying. If you come to visit Thailand, better to buy a mosquito spray in Thailand.

I got reports from many travelers, that the spays they bring from home did not work well here.

The mosquitoes here are quite strong but the Thai Spays are strong too. So, it is easy to prevent biting from mosquitos here by keeping spaying.

Then you can enjoy your holiday without annoying them.

Sea animals

The common seawater animals here are such as turtles, fish, small sharks, fishes, shrimp, shells, squid, sea urchins, and jellyfish.

Fishes, squids, shrimps, and shells are often found here. The locals like to them as seafood.

In Thailand we also have sharks, but it is a small type. So, they cannot hurt anyone. I never heard that someone got attacked by a shark here.

Now what to be aware of are the sea urchin and the jellyfish. The sea urchins are quite often found here in Samui.

They used to stay on the ground under the sea. They have sharp spites which can you if walk on them.

Sea urchins like to live in the deep sea, so we often find them by snorkeling. To avoid it, keep snorkeling or swimming far above the ground or rocks.

The last sea animal to be aware of is the jellyfish. The common jellyfish here is called the burning jellyfish.

Luckily, the burning jellyfish. We can notice them when we observe of from the water’s surface.

It is color is quite yellow. In case you got contact with then you will feel burning hurt but it is not that dangerous to cancel your vacation.

Just visit a doctor and you will be ok. Unlike this type of jelly calling box jellyfish. This very dangerous one like to come visit Samui in October.

If you come into contact with any type of jellyfish, do not wash it with sweet water bit with acid, and then go to the doctor as fast as possible.

So, these are the common animals found in the Region of Samui.

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