(Series) To get from Bangkok to Koh Samui with Option 2: Combination of Fly – Bus – Ferry. [farparants tip]

Option 2: Combination of Fly – Bus – Ferry

It seems to be a bit complicated to travel with this option but I would say, if you care too much about travel budget and time, this option is the best balance. It costs significantly less than option 1 as the direct Flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui.

But it still saves much time compared to options 3 and 4.

In this option 2, it consists of  2 sub-options to select.

Sub-option 2.1: Buy single tickets for flight, bus, and ferry separately.

Sub-option 2.2: Buy a Join-ticket, it is only one ticket that can be applied for all these vehicles (an easy way)

Step 1: Fly

Most of the domestic flights will depart from Don Mueang airport, except Bangkok Airway which departs from both Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi.

You might have a question now, why do you have to take the bus and ferry after flying when Koh Samui has an airport? The answer is that all other economic airlines are not allowed to land at Samui Airport.

The only airline that can land at Samui Airport is Bangkok Airway which belongs to Option 1 as a direct fly. The other airline’s planes can land at Surat Thani Airport on the main land only.

That means, after landing, you are still on the mainland and you need to take a bus to the pier and then take a ferry to cross the sea to Samui island.

For this step, whether you have a Join-Ticket (sub-option 2.2) or separate tickets (sub-option 2.1), the travel proceeds are similar. The flight won’t take more than an hour to reach Surat Thani airport.

Flight prices will range between 900 – 1200 Bath

Step 2: Bus

After landing at the Surat Thani Airport, you have to buy a bus or van ticket that drives to the ferry pier (Don Sak Pier).

Some companies offer the Van-Ferry combo ticket like Panthip company.

There are two ferry companies to choose. Seatran and Raja Ferry. The departure of both companies is at the same place namely Don Sak pier. 

Common Price: for those travelers who don’t have the join ticket and need to buy a single ticket for the bus or van for each stop.

The common price for the combo ticket from Surat Thani Airport to Don Sak pier (van + ferry) of Panthip company

Panthip travel:https://www.phantiptravel.com/

is 400 per person (Price now can be updated). The drive from Surat Thani Airport to Don Sak Pier will take approximately one hour.

Step 3: Ferry

Now in this step, the proceeds are a bit different. Those who don’t have a joint ticket can select the ferry companies between Seatran and Raja Ferry. The links below are to check the updated prices and timetables.

Seatran Ferry: https://www.seatranferry.com/

Raja Ferry: https://www.rajaferryport.com/

The ticket price of Seatran’s ferry is about 150 Bath/person.  For those who have a join ticket, your join ticket has already mentioned which ferry company you are going to take.

The main difference is the destinations on Koh Samui. Seatran’s ferry will deliver you to Na Thon Pier in Koh Samui which is the main city of Koh Samui while Raja Ferry will bring you to Lipa Noi Pier. But both destinations are only 8 kilometers far from each other. The travel times of both companies would be similar.

The drive will take about one and a half hours (90 minutes). The ticket prices and timetables of both ferry companies are slightly different.

Additional information about the Join-Ticket

Since there are 3 steps for this option, the airlines have tried to resolve this complication by offering you the combo ticket called ‘’Join Ticket’’.

This ticket will make the travel being smoother. It will be used for airplanes, bus, and the ferry as one ticket.

So, no need to buy single tickets at every transition point. The common airlines that offer this join ticket are for instance: Air Asia, Nokair, …. etc

Now let’s clarify first about which airline is combined with which ferry company. Since it is about business coordination or contract, a particular airline will be combined only with a ferry company.

For example: Air Asia Airline is combined with Raja Ferry. That means if you buy the Join ticket from Air Asia,

you have to take the ferry from Raja Ferry and you will arrive at Koh Samui at Lipa Noi pier.

If you buy the join ticket with an Airline combined with Seatran Ferry, will you arrive at Koh Samui at the main City of Samui Nathon directly.  

With these airline companies, you can also make an online pre-book for a van ferry ticket. For those travelers who have a Fly-bus-ferry Join-ticket,

you just go outside of the airport and walk to your booked bus or van. Now you are heading to Koh Samui without concern if there will be seats available for you.

Notice please check the weather first if there will be a monsoon that day you depart Bangkok, because if so,

the ferries will be out of service due to the safety. That means you have to stay in Surat Thani City for a few days waiting for the monsoon to stop.

The possible season of monsoon at Koh Samui begins from October to November or a bit later.


So, for this option

Flight Bangkok-Surat Thani Airport: 900 – 1200 Bath. 50 minutes

Bus Surat Thani Airport + Ferry: 450 Bath, 60 + 90 minutes

Sum: 1700 Bath, 200 minutes (3 h 20 minutes)


If you have a specific question, please leave the message in the chat widget

Get from Bangkok to Koh Samui


Let’s remind it again

Overall, there are 4+1 choices to get from Bangkok to Koh Samui sorted by price and convenience descending. Option 1 has the fellow time consumption and convenience. Option 4 has the most time consumption. The options are as follows.

Fast travel

  1. Direct Fly: from Bangkok to Koh Samui (1 step)
  2. Fly – Bus – Ferry (3 steps)

Slow and chill travel

  1. Train – Bus, minibus or van – Ferry (3 steps)
  2. Bus – Ferry (2 steps)

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