The very first excursion people should do when coming to Samui for first time: Angthong Marine Park

Many trips specify an activity like a snorkeling trip does 90% of snorkeling during the whole trip. Juggle trip is 90% about exploring the forest.

These would suit people who exactly know what is their favorite activity and go for that purely.

If you just visiting Samui for the first time or even many times and want to explore something containing many activities on the same trip/ snorkeling/ kayaking/exploring the emerald lagoon/ hiking on the mountain then you need to choose Angthong Marine Park.

Since it offers you many activities, these will help you find out which activity these going to be your favorite one for the next specified excursion.

For example, after you did the Angthong Marine Park trip you realize that you liked the part of snorkeling so much and want to repeat it.

Next trip you then choose the trip, Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan. It is the best trip for snorkeling and swimming. # personal express doing the Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan trip

The same melody, if you like the Hiking on the Mountain part because you like juggling

Next time you can choose the Juggle Safari trip to explore the juggle.

  • Kayaking along the Kalkstein Island/drive-through tunnel which other trips don‘t have

The best Kayaking place would be at Angthong Marine Park because there are plenty of limestone islands, that have no beach. So, you can go kayaking along the islands. Some islands have tunnels that you can drive through.

  • Snorkeling

I would confess that the best place for snorkeling is Koh Kao. Angthong marine park is not perfect like Koh Tao but is fine as an alternative.

Angthong Marine Park has more fishes with more colorful than Koh Tao but smaller fishes. The corals at Angthong are not as colorful as in Koh Tao.

  • Emerald lagoon

One of the best highlights of Angthong is the emerald lagoon. There is an island called “Mae Koh Island” in the middle of the island is a big lagoon with green water.

So we call it the emerald lagoon. However, we are not allowed to swim here due to it is a National Park to keep it national.

  • Study geography of the south mountain due to many Kalksteines# Geography of Samui

It is the big island of koh Wau Ta Lap. On the top of this island is a viewpoint that is 120 meters vertically from the ground and 500 meters for the whole way.

When you look at the advertisement for the tour to Angthong Marine Park, you will see the picture of this viewpoint for the first look.

At the viewpoint, you will have a panorama view of other islands. When the weather in the day is clear, the view will be incredible.

Since there are many excursion providers to Angthong Marine Park such as


  • Joined or private trip speed boat
  • Joined trip junk boat (big boat)
  • Joined tour boat (big boat)


You have to be informed first, what activities each provider offers.

Please note not all the providers offer all Activities 1 – 4 I mentioned above. Some providers offer activities 1 – 2.

So, it would help if you asked them first. If you have a customer service person from your travel and hotel agency in Samui# who is the customer service person and how important he is?

Then ask him. He will inform you not only about the activities but also many other important information such as how long each boat takes time from Samui to Angthong Marine Park. How many people are on the boat approximately?

Angthong Marine Park is a national park and there is an entrance fee of ca. 300 BHT a person.

Many tour providers offer the price without an entrance fee, the customers need to pay for this extra when they arrive there.

Some tour providers offer the price with an entrance fee included. So, it is an all-inclusive price offer.

You need to be informed first before you book if it is the price with or without the entrance fee.

Another advantage of Angthong Marine Park. It is not so sensitive to rough weather. When it rains but with small or middle win velocity it going to be ok to do the trip.

Angthong Marine Park is located in a green shallow area. If the wind is 50% strong. No big waves occur.

I would say Angthong Nation Park is worth it, you came a long way with the flight you’re your overseas home to Samui, so why should not miss this? Unless you are extremely seasick.  Then should avoid it and go on land trips.

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