About us

I don’t even know why to me it is very matter every time I see tourists walking on the street, eating Thai food at the night market, or laying on a sunbathing chair on the beach, My feeling turns warm, and hope that they are having a good time here. I would like to thank all the tourists that they trusted to travel to Thailand and chose it for their most valuable time. Thailand has beautiful nature like many other countries in the world. But Thailand is outstanding in the way of culture and friendly behavior of the locals. Less expensive compared to other destinations in the world. A large number of people come here annually, however, many tourists are still confused with many of the systems here. It is still difficult to understand what things are operated like main and local transport, local culture, and store and office working hours because they are still not systematic here.

To be familiar with the systems here, we actually need quite a long time to experience living in Thailand at least for 4 – 6 months. But it is still not enough because most things are not systematic as mentioned. I would say, one needs to be here for a year to understand enough the culture and systems in Thailand.  Experience is really important to eliminate wrong-going issues. Travelers normally plan a vacation here for just 1 to 3 weeks.

Now! How can you efficiently be sophisticated within a short period about what will be going on here in Thailand, Koh Samui?

From the bottom of our hearts, we would see that the tourists travel here smoothly even if they just arrived yesterday or even if they are first time in Thailand by being informed by trustable and very updated information providers. We want to most trustworthy information source as far as we can, providing the most correct and very updated information about travel matters to tourists visiting us. In the way that you can preview or Pre-explore what you will be facing when you arrive here from the start to the final of your visit. Of course, this is not about solving the problem 100%, the problem might still happen. But I am sure the problem will be very less and it will generate more satisfaction and enjoyable time if you follow this carefully. 

Your word ” Thank you” is our energy to keep working hard.


Anucha, your Farparents driver